Church of God in East Africa (Kenya) is made up of 16 Regions which are being instituted; they include

  1. Eldoret-Kitale- Lugari Regions– It comprises of special districts as Eldoret, Kitale, Sango, and Turkana outreach, Mautuma, Lukhuna, Chekalini, Lugari, Kiminini, Ndalu special districts.
  2. Emuhaya- Luanda- Kisumu Regions– comprises of Bunyore East Area, Kima Area, Ebuyiyi Special District, and Esiamayayi Special District. Mumboha Area, Ipali Area, Bunyore West Area, Embali Special District, and Essaba Special District, Kisumu Area (which encompasses Kisumu City, Kericho, Nyahera, Ahero, and Kinda Umala); and South Nyanza Special District
  3. Kisa- Marama- Idakho Regions– Comprising Kisa West Area, Kisa Central Area, Marama East Area, Marama West Area, Bubala Special Districts, Eshibinga Area, Mwihila Area, and Emulunya Area, Idakho North Area, Idakho South Area, Idakho Central, and Iremele Special District.
  4. Bungoma Region– comprising of Mupeli Area, Bungoma Town Special District, Nabuloli Area, Busia Special District, Sang’alo Area, Bukhayo Special District, Webuye Special District, and Mt. Elgon Special District.
  5. Kisii – TransMara Region – inclusive of Tambacha Special District, Nyamira Special District, Kisii South Area, Getembe Area, Enkora Special District, Engeti Special District, Engoto Special District, Kigwanda Special District, Maasai or Trans Mara Area.
  6. Nairobi -Nakuru Region– To include Kaloleni Area, Mariakani Area, Meru Special District, and Embu Special District, and Nakuru Area.
  7. Coast (Mombasa) Special Region– Comprising Mombasa Area and all its future Coastal Strip outreach Congregations.
  8. Butsotso- Kabras – Kakamega Regions– Composed of Butsotso North Area, Matioli Special District, Eshianda Special District, Kabras Special District, and Ibinzo Special District, Kakamega area and Mumias Special District


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