Our Ministries

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry is headed by a director (Rev. Titus Mulwale). This department aims to teach and to nature all who come to the faith, to grow to maturity. They are mandated to come up with programs suitable for junior church, youth, and adults. This is a form of discipling them through the word of God to a level where they can win others to Christ and disciple them. This ministry also equip believers for effective Christian living and maturity carried out at all levels. Various levels through which we teach and equip the believers include Bible Study Groups which are forced on the basis of age from 2 years to death. These levels provide an opportunity for believers to fellowship and grow together in the Word of God as they mature. The ministry department is entitled to provide materials to be studied in the entire Church of God fraternity. New materials and themes are done every year to enhance smooth flow of information hence progressive growth. It should be noted that this ministry, emphasizes so much on children programs. One day set aside (24th December) every year to celebrate our Sunday school children with a party. This is characterized by reciting memory verses, poems, skits and shot plays, and having a meal together.

Youth Ministries

This is the most vibrant, dynamic and active ministry in the church. It is under the directorship of Rev. Norman Akali, assisted by Rev. Carol Otinga. The ministry aim at building young people from 13- 35 with the right message of the Cross in order to grow in faith. The Ministry is discharged with the mandate to oversee all youth activities, forums, and issues throughout the Country with assistance from youth leaders from the regions, areas, districts and local churches. This ministry being vibrant every year they organize conventions, concerts, rallies, workshops, picnics, worship experiences, and leadership meetings to oversee the vision of reaching out for Christ.

Women ministries

This is another dynamic ministry within the Church of God in East Africa (Kenya). The women wing has spearheaded tremendous growth and development of the Church. Under the directorship of Rev. Rebeccah Litunya, the women ministry has not only empowered women, but also strengthened families through their teachings. Every year, this ministry organizes for women conventions, seminars, and home visitations where women are taught various lesson especially how to take care of their homes. This by extension is involved in taking care of the well-being pastors and leaders from national to local churches. Their conventions are next to none, filled with the Holy Spirit, and unique services especially the ‘candle service.’ This movement also encourages women in the church to involve themselves in skills such as tailoring, basketry, weaving, with the major aim of earning an income to sustain themselves, their families and the Church. This ministry has formed a movement with other East and Central Africa women in working together to achieve their goal.


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